Meet Jennifer...


Forever lucky to be married to my best friend...

This is my husband, Justin, and I on our wedding day in October of 2019 at the cutest lil apple orchard. We have two dogs & live in Madison, WI.


I'm a graduate of UW-Madison, & I love all things photography & creativity. J is a realtor & EMT. We are the weirdest people we know, I promise you. At least once a day we look at each other after acting like fools while cooking or lounging around & say, if people could always see how goofy we are together, they'd think we're absolutely nuts. I truly can't imagine my life without him, and I'm so incredibly lucky.


These are my children...

Guys..the first thing you should know about me is that I am in fact one of those crazy dog people..


This is Pickles (left) and Winston. They are both lab-mix rescues, couch potatoes, and shamelessly spoiled. 

If you are ever wondering if you can bring your dogs to your session, THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES.

I'm mildly obsessed. 


Authentic moments, connections that last...

My goal is to capture true, honest moments. My favorite pictures come in between the poses, when you think I'm not looking or when you forget I'm there and helplessly giggle at my directions or your partner's reaction. I aim to take something that can be a little nerve wracking & vulnerable, and turn it into an experience that you have so much fun doing, you want to do it again.


 I LOVE shooting at locations a lil bit off the beaten track. One of my favorite places to shoot is Devil's Lake, I think there's something so timeless and romantic about shoots done in nature. If there's a place you'd like to adventure, I'm totally down!


Whether it's an engagement, a wedding, or anything in between, my wish is to not only be your photographer, but also your friend. If you're looking for someone who values the relationship once the cameras are gone, I'm your girl.

Seriously, let's be friends! Wedding dress shopping? Let's talk about it! Wanna bring your dog to a shoot? LET'S DO IT. I'm here for whatever ideas and adventures you throw my way.